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DIY Kids Teepee Tent

CRAFTUROUS (Craft-cher-uh s)

Definition: A feeling of ecstatic joy or delight over the completion of a Craft project.

About a year ago, in the early stages of my pregnancy while on the hunt for baby room decor, I saw the cutest pics on Pinterest for Teepee Tents.

While searching for supplier of these cute tents, I quickly realized they do not come in cheap. So why not make it myself, it cannot be that difficult, right?

I had the sudden urge to take up sewing. Pinterest is really a great resource for DIY projects and I found hundreds of goodies I now want to make.

So after many many years, I’m gonna start sewing again. To be honest last time I worked on a sewing machine was back in 1992 in High School.

Of course, I do not own a sewing machine, so in order to become a DIY mommy, I needed the right equipment. I found the perfect machine for my beginner projects, the Empisal Expression.

While searching for a pattern to start my teepee project I found a lovely site, The DIY Dreamer. Her guide for beginners is perfect for a newbie seamstress like me. You’ll also find an amazing collection of sewing projects to keep you busy for a long time.

It’s her Top 30 sewing patterns for 2014 that lead me to The DIY Mommy. She already made the most beautiful teepee for her daughter and her step by step instruction helped me allot.

For my teepee, I decided on a cream cotton material I found at Fabric World. The wooden dowels come in different lengths and thickness at Builders Warehouse, they stock everything from building material, home improvements to arts and craft supplies. Its my go-to-shop.

I followed the DIY mommy’s patterns because it was exactly the size I wanted.

Image from The DIY Mommy

We are never too old to learn new skills, so this Youtube video by Made to Sew, Beginner Sewing, came in handy to update my skills in sewing.

My Teepee tent turned out great and I’m glad I decided on a plain colour because a splash of colour can be added as we go along with flags, cushions etc.

Cream Teepee tent with elephant plush toy
My first sewing project.

This tent is not only a great addition to the nursery but also perfect for photos. We used it in the maternity pictures and baby’s 6th-month photo shoot and currently, it’s home to all his soft toys and I’m sure there will be plenty of playtimes in this tent.

Photo fun with our Teepee

These days, I hardly get any time for sewing projects with a very busy toddler but do hope to get back to it soon and share my creations with you.

I hope my attempt at sewing sparked a desire for your own projects. Would love to hear what you plan to make and how it turned out.

Happy sewing

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  1. This is SOO awesome. Currently getting all the pieces I need for it. I m thrilled you took the time to make this and share it as a post. Everywhere online they re selling for ?100-200. Insane especially since I know how to sew. Can t wait to show you the finished product.

    1. Tanja says:

      Wonderful, can’t wait to see your finished product. Enjoy!

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