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Tips to enjoy baby`s first year.

People will tell you that the first year goes so fast, and it`s hard to believe it until you experience it yourself.

Last night I sat on the couch watching my 8-month-old crawl from one side of the room to the other, standing up against everything to see what else there is to discover.

As I looked at those chubby baby legs I wondered, where did the time go?

It`s almost Christmas, and hard to believe this time last year I felt like a whale trying to make it through the summer heat.  Oh, how much life has changed.

Getting through those first few months are hard, as a new mother it can be very overwhelming.

You have these dreams of how it’s supposed to be, or how you plan it to be, but neither the pregnancy or the birth or the beautiful journey thereafter will turn out close to how you thought it should be.

Our little bundle of joy arrived via emergency C-section at almost 42 weeks, so my dreams of a natural birth were crushed, but I`m grateful it all turned out great with zero complications.

In the first few months, I was fighting with my old self, who loves everything neat and tidy, every little thing on its spot and well-organised closets.

Even though I tried my best to have it organised before the baby arrived, things do get messy over time.

Your every moment is spent taking care of the baby. Then one day it hit me, stop wasting so much time to worry about the house and endless shores. The shores will always be there, it never stops, but these special moments will go by in a flash.

Now my house is messy most of the time, with baby toys scattered all around, my special momentoes packed away, protected from little hands. But I love it. I love the laughter, the singing toys, the cries and our dog looking for a hiding spot, cause baby wants to cuddle it again.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are a few ways to enjoy and savour those moments:

Don’t Stress:

House shores will always be there, dinners don`t have to be fancy and cold coffee can turn into ice coffee with a few ice blocks. Just sit back and rather enjoy your bundle of joy.

There is always someone who can help, if it`s not a family member or a friend, find a cleaning company to take care of the mess.  I recently discovered Sweepsouth, a reliable home cleaning service who operate in the majority of suburbs within Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.  Download their app available to Apple & Android and get your first clean less R150 when using this code: IWLH4S

Healthy meals also don`t need to take up your precious time, make use of companies like Doorstep Chef, Slimming Meals or find someone in your area.

There is no need for things to be perfect.

Take lots of pictures:

Babies change so much, so I definitely do not regret taking to many pictures.  I also take a funny picture every month on his birth date, and even just from that, it`s clear how much he is changing. I love to share the funny pics with friends and family, but not too much, I know how annoying that can be.  But you will never regret having too many pics, so stock up on an extra hard drive or larger cloud space.   One day your child will love being able to look back and see pictures of when they were little and their future spouse will appreciate it as well.

A lovely article, 10 things to do before your baby turns one, by mommy blogger Nikita Camacho sums it up so beautifully.

  1. Enjoy the baby smell, they lose it eventually so snuggle as much as you can and take in that lovely baby smell.
  2. Bath with your little one. It truly is a great bonding experience and I love to watch him splashing around.
  3. Pull funny faces, they love that and there is nothing nicer than a laughing baby.
  4. Dress your baby like a baby. Ooh, those cute onesies are hard to resist.
  5. Let your baby sleep in your arms.  My absolute favourite, even though it is time to end our co-sleeping journey, I really enjoy having him in my arms for as long as I possibly can.
  6. Make a baby book. It`s a good keepsake and even though I`m not best at remembering to dot down everything.
  7. Take as many videos as you can.  Another good one as photos are just a second of that moment, but video`s show so much more.
  8. Play on the floor and see the world from your baby`s level.
  9. Spend time outdoors.  Let them feel the grass under their feet and play in the sand.
  10. See the world through your baby`s eyes.  Laugh more, be Curious and Love easily.

How beautiful is that?

And Mamma, remember to take time for yourself.  Sit back and read a book when your baby sleeps, or ask a friend or family member to babysit for a few hours while you get your nails done. And do not forget about dad, they also need to bond, so go book a mani or pedi or enjoy a well-deserved cup of coffee with a friend.

Leave those shores for another day and take care of you, and record all the special moments with your baby.


Happy Mamma, Happy Baby.




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